Bathroom stalls

I love Swedish bathroom stalls.  They’re clean, private, and most of them even have their own sinks.

I was recently on a business trip to New York.  It was a good trip and I got to meet a client who I will enjoy working with.  But something weird happened.  I walked into a bathroom stall and suddenly felt exposed. There was nothing wrong with the bathroom at all, I just wasn’t used to it anymore.

Most Swedish bathroom stalls are fully enclosed.  Yes, all four walls are closed from ground to ceiling.  You have a door to lock, and it feels like a real door.  So yes, it means that when you are doing your business and you let out an earth-shaking and flower-killing fart, people probably won’t notice it.  After you’re done, you can wash your hands right in the stall. Chances are there’s a mirror too, so you can check your ugly mug in the mirror, pop that pimple, pick your noise, powder your nose, or the million of other things you would only do in a private-ish public bathroom.

Even if my tax returns, the amount of money I earned last year, my phone number, and my address are all available to the public, at least I can address my calls of nature in full privacy.

I love Swedish bathrooms. #trulyswedish

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