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Allting på? Introducing the kebabtallrik – A Swedish delicacy


Kebabtallrik from Hakepi, my favorite kebab place!

Okay, it’s not really a Swedish delicacy, but it’s as popular as IKEA’s meatballs so I think it should be.

Kebabtallrik (literally, “kebab plate”) is a plate of kebab meat (thinly sliced beef from a vertical spit), some lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomato, and a fefferoni pepper.  I actually didn’t know what those peppers were called until I started eating kebab in Sweden.  You then get a side of carbs, the most common options being french fries or rice.  They usually sprinkle some paprika powder on top of the fries.  In most places, the meat is doused with a red tomato sauce and then a white garlic sauce.  No skewers are involved, so you can eat it easily with fork and knife. Continue reading