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Dealing with suitcases and assholes

This post is a rant.

I bought a new suitcase from Costco in January. It’s their newest Kirkland Signature (private Costco brand) suitcase, one in a 26″ size.  I have used their suitcases for the last 8 years (I think) and have never had a problem.  I took the suitcase on its first maiden flight back to Stockholm via Munich and it lost a wheel on its way.  Unbelievable, especially for a Costco product.

I filed a complaint with Lufthansa. They called me on Monday, January 16 and told me that in order to reimburse me for the product, they would have to have a statement from a luggage repair store with the repair estimate.  If the bag can’t be fixed, they need a statement saying that too.

It’s not every day someone goes to a luggage repair shop, so I asked them for a referral. They said that they’ve had good luck with a store called Asplunds Väskservice.  I looked them up and one of their stores was on Kungsholmen.  I made my way there today at lunchtime.

As I entered the store, I was shocked at how cramped and messy it was. There were suitcases EVERYWHERE.  It looked like the store had never sold a single suitcase.  The guy, presumably the owner, asked me what I wanted and I told him I needed a repair estimate.

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