Hey! Welcome to Truly Swedish! (Hej! Välkommen till Truly Swedish!)

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, Truly Swedish.

I haven’t blogged since 1998-1999 when I hosted my own site and logged my daily activities. The good old days of Slackware Linux and a 1 mbit DSL line. Yes, that was before “blog” was even a word. But hey, 12 years later, I’m back.

So what’s changed after 12 years? Well, for one, I’m not a sappy teenager who is blogging for therapeutic release (true story: someone emailed me and told me how disgusting and sad my posts were since they were all so sappy and emo.) Oh, and I’ve moved from the beautiful Bay Area in California to Stockholm, Sweden to pursue my career (which is going quite well, I might add).

Moving to a new country means a lot of things have changed. For one, I’ve had to learn how to behave in a new culture. And for two, I’ve noticed quirks and traditions here that range from practical to charming to odd and silly.

And I want to share those with you. Think of this as one American’s perspective of Sweden. Don’t get me wrong – I love living here – and what other better form of flattery is there than blogging about your newly adopted country?

Stay around – I hope some of this stuff will be enlightening and entertaining. 🙂

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