We have football. They have hockey.

Tonight is the AIK vs. DIF hockey game at Ericsson Globe. I will be going with a bunch of my friends. It’s only my second hockey game in Sweden, which led me to think about this blog posting. In the US, football (you know, that weird shaped ball with the threads that people throw and kick around!) is king. It’s what we watch on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It’s what we cry over. It’s what we drink over. It’s what we celebrate.

But here, it’s hockey. And I don’t understand hockey. I mean, it’s really not that hard to understand the game, but it’s not something I get fired up about like the Swedes. I also hear that we have a lot of Swedish players in the NHL.

So what is it, I ask? Is it that in order to be #TrulySwedish you must like ice hockey?

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