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Finland Ferry: The Verdict

I’ve done it.  I’ve gone on the Finland cruise and survived. It was a #TrulySwedish experience, that’s for sure!

If you read my other post, then you would remember that Josh and Kellee were going on the cruise yesterday.  I left out a key fact that I and some other of Josh’s friends would also be going.  I left this out because it was meant to be a surprise for Josh, and who knows if he was going to read my blog post (he didn’t).  Anyway, I’m back and this is what I found.

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Finland Ferry: Myth or Truth?

In Stockholm, there is a truly Swedish activity that everyone makes fun of – taking the ferry overnight to Finland.  Also known as the booze cruise, it’s an opportunity for the lone cougar to attack her young 25 year-old prey, or for the young male cub to pounce on a more mature tigress.  The possibilities are endless.  They’ve even done a reality TV show on the cruise.  Yep, this is the Tallink/Silja Line ferry to Finland.

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