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Americans love Stockholm!

Greetings, readers!  What a beautiful summer it’s been in Stockholm.  After a long and harsh winter, we have finally gotten our due.  Thank you, weather gods…

First up – I’ve updated my most popular blog post – the one about buying an apartment in Stockholm!  If you’re interested, take a look – the updates are at the bottom of the page:

My college buddies Scott and Ty visisted me in Stockholm at the beginning of July.  They’ve never been to Stockholm before and I thought it was fitting that after six years of being here, it was time for them to visit.  Ty lives in Pasadena and works in Hollywood and Scott works at an accounting firm in Sacramento. Continue reading

Making new friends and Swedish Midsummer

What a spring so far!  I’ve been working hard in Stockholm but also did a decent bit of traveling around the world both for work and pleasure.  And of course, I’ve been enjoying every (warm) moment of the spring. I hope all of you have been enjoying the weather equally much I have been!

I thought this time around I’d post about two things: 1) a recent trip I took to the US, and 2) the Swedish midsummer festivities this year.  These two things, located on two different continents, really highlighted how Swedish I feel when I’m in the US and how American I feel when I’m in Sweden.

I recently traveled to California and Oregon for 3 wonderful weeks of vacation.  I went to the wedding of one of my oldest friends in San Diego, my sister’s medical school graduation in San Francisco, and visited my friends Josh and Kellee and their adorable son Judah in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading

Did someone turn on the lights?

Wow, what a difference one hour can make. What is one hour, anyway?

It’s 60 minutes.
It’s 3600 seconds.
It’s the normal length of a meeting at work.
It’s the normal commuting time for me (to and from, including walking).
It’s the length of a flight from SFO to LAX.
It’s at the upper end of how long I’m willing to wait out a delayed flight.

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Picking mushrooms

The start of the fall is always a promising time for picking mushrooms in the forests of Sweden.  Chanterelle mushrooms are plentiful, if you can find a good spot to find them.  Every Swedish family has its own secret patch of the forest that they go to every year to find mushrooms.  Apparently, 2012 has been an extremely good year. Since it’s been such a wet summer, the mushrooms grew quickly and were available quite early in the year.

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A weekend in Falkenberg

I recently watched a film called Sunes Sommar.  It’s a film from 1993 about a Swedish family going on their summer vacation.  Sune is the middle boy in this family, probably about 12 years old.  Most of the film is spent in a typical Swedish summer town filled with RVs and campers.  The family sets up their “husvagn” (towable caravan) in the campsite.  The rest of the movie is about what the family does while they’re on their vacation: play tennis, lie on the beach, play card games with the family, etc.  The dad is a goof so there’s a lot of slapstick humor about the stupid things he gets himself into.  They also manage to squeeze some romance into the film, focusing on Sune’s love interest.

After watching this film, I understood immediately that the movie depicted a truly Swedish summer.  Spending time with family and friends out in nature doing, well, nothing, really.  Yes, some families might travel around the world or go to Spain, Greece, or Italy for a week or two, but when they’re not doing that, they spend their summers pretty much like what I saw in the movie. Continue reading

Swedish summers

I’m on my summer vacation and will be for the next few weeks.  Wow, that still feels strange saying it… but I have to say, I love it.

Swedes go through a miserable winter every year and are thereby rewarded by an amazing summer.  This summer has been pretty “lagom” – not too hot and not too cold, a little rain and a little cloudy.  It’s already starting to get darker every day – after midsummer, we start losing sunlight and it is remarkable how quickly you notice.  The sun is still up by 4 and doesn’t set until 9:30 but in just a few more days, we’ll have lost 25 minutes of sunlight.  And the days will only get shorter… Continue reading