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Making new friends and Swedish Midsummer

What a spring so far!  I’ve been working hard in Stockholm but also did a decent bit of traveling around the world both for work and pleasure.  And of course, I’ve been enjoying every (warm) moment of the spring. I hope all of you have been enjoying the weather equally much I have been!

I thought this time around I’d post about two things: 1) a recent trip I took to the US, and 2) the Swedish midsummer festivities this year.  These two things, located on two different continents, really highlighted how Swedish I feel when I’m in the US and how American I feel when I’m in Sweden.

I recently traveled to California and Oregon for 3 wonderful weeks of vacation.  I went to the wedding of one of my oldest friends in San Diego, my sister’s medical school graduation in San Francisco, and visited my friends Josh and Kellee and their adorable son Judah in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading

Confessions of an American-born Chinese living in Sweden

Happy 2013 to all of my readers!

I took some time off during the holidays to vacation around a bit, so I’m posting this new entry from the 20th floor of my hotel in Beijing.  This is the last evening of my trip; I’ll be heading back to Stockholm tomorrow afternoon.

This is also my first time in China.  I decided to visit Beijing because I had a stopover here anyway, so what better way to visit a city that I’ve wanted to see for a while now?

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Use your SL card to travel to Arlanda!

Like a good Swede, I’m always looking for good deals.  I really like that about them – in the US, sometimes I’d be called “cheap,” but here, I’m just being sensible with my money.

A few months ago, I dropped my friends Josh and Kellee off at Arlanda airport for their move back to the US.  They took a taxi to the airport so I went with them.  I had no plans that morning so I thought I’d take public transportation back to Stockholm.  The Information Desk at Arlanda told me that I could take SL bus 583 from Arlanda to Märsta and then take the pendeltåg (commuter train) all the way back to Centralen. After living here all this time, I had no idea there was actually an option to travel easily to and from Arlanda via public transportation! I always thought you had to take the train halfway and then pay for the Upplandståg (a separate train system which requires a separate ticket).

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