Use your SL card to travel to Arlanda!

Like a good Swede, I’m always looking for good deals.  I really like that about them – in the US, sometimes I’d be called “cheap,” but here, I’m just being sensible with my money.

A few months ago, I dropped my friends Josh and Kellee off at Arlanda airport for their move back to the US.  They took a taxi to the airport so I went with them.  I had no plans that morning so I thought I’d take public transportation back to Stockholm.  The Information Desk at Arlanda told me that I could take SL bus 583 from Arlanda to Märsta and then take the pendeltåg (commuter train) all the way back to Centralen. After living here all this time, I had no idea there was actually an option to travel easily to and from Arlanda via public transportation! I always thought you had to take the train halfway and then pay for the Upplandståg (a separate train system which requires a separate ticket).

Part of the problem was that the SL trip planner always referred you to the Upplandståg.  In fact, it was doing that as recently as last week.  I just checked now and it looks like it’s offering the Märsta – Bus 583 option now.

 10:05 – 10:41 pendeltåg 36 från Stockholms central mot Märsta. Kliv av vid Märsta.

10:47 – 11:03 buss 583 från Märsta station mot Arlanda (SAS-hangaren). Kliv av vid Arlanda terminal 5.

It takes about an hour from Centralen so it’s actually a very good option to get to and from Arlanda if you have an SL card.  Otherwise, it’s 100 SEK for the airport buses (which also takes about an hour), 280 SEK for the Arlanda Express (a 20 minute trip to Centralen), or 520 SEK for Taxi Stockholm (30-40 minutes to your door).  It’s definitely not the speediest of options, but hey, since I can make the trip with my SL card, I will definitely be using this option more in the future.

A tip – sit at the front of the train heading to Märsta since it’ll be closest to the station exit.  In cases of tight connections with bus 583, it can be the difference between making the connection or waiting for the next bus.

Go be #trulyswedish and save yourself some money the next time you need to travel to/from Arlanda airport!

7 thoughts on “Use your SL card to travel to Arlanda!

  1. james

    Hi there
    I am trying to find the cheapest route from Arlanda airport to Mora, the easiest route is direct from Arlanda, however, it seems to be cost effective to travel by train from Marsta station, only thing I need to consider is the bus from the airport to Marsta station, bus 583, please advise how much this costs? This could save me around 400sek return!
    Many thanks

  2. calkenneth

    If you don’t have a SL pass, bus 583 will cost you 36 kr for a ride from the airport to Märsta Station. The ticket is valid for 75 minutes. You will need to buy it at the airport before you board the bus as the buses don’t sell tickets. There usually are convenience stores in the arrival lobbies (Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven) so just buy it from them.

    1. james

      Thank you calkenneth. Now I have to decide if I want to save 200kr & have stress with extra changes/possible missed connections or take the easy life…… think I’ll let the Mrs decide hehehehehe.

    1. james

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, I’m nuts, but not that nuts! Just planning ahead for midsommar, everythings booked, now to sort costumes…….


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